7 Months & Counting

Jimmy is now 7 months old. Happy as can be & just such a good baby. He weighs 18 pounds 4 ounces & is 27" long. He is now crawling all over the living room. Sometimes on his hands & knees but mostly moving along like an inch worm. He goes to bed at 7pm & sleeps until morning between 6-7am. He loves food & will pretty much eat anything except for peas (don't blame him- they are gross.) His first tooth finally broke through without much of a fuss but is too small to get a picture of. He is wildly entertained by anyone who is willing to sing & dance for him. He can finally roll over from his back to his belly without thinking about it & can push himself up to a sitting position from his belly. He loves to be involved playing on the floor with his brothers even if it's just watching them play or reading a book with them. He makes some seriously crazy faces that always make us giggle. And he definitely still loves to put things in his mouth... toys his entire hand & basically anything he can get his hands on. You are just such a content baby & you smile with your entire face especially your eyes.
We love you big guy!


Jackie Kelly said...

Oh, what a cutie-pie! Can't wait to give Jimmy a big Gramma-squeeze again.

Great new header photo of 'rubba-dub-dub, three boys in a rub'. Adorable. Nice Photoshop work in the 'critical' areas too, Cat. ; -)

Love you all,

Katie said...

Happy 7 Mos! Are babies are growing too fast..sigh!

Maybe Jimmy can come show Lorelei how to crawl in a forward motion. :-)