Labor Day Weekend

1. How can it be September already? The official countdown to summer ending. The month my baby boy turns 3. It all seems to be going too quickly. Oh well better enjoy it while I can. We spent our weekend trying to nurse 3 sick boys back to health. Just a cough, some fevers & lots of steamy showers but it makes the long holiday weekend seem very long & not so exciting.

2. We did watch a lot of football & we had family & friends over for dinner every night making me realize that there will be some downsides to a big family... lots of dishes.

3. We did manage to make it to the beach one day though. When we left our house to head to Redondo Beach it was 88 degrees. It was an overcast 72 degrees when we arrived 20 minutes later but after a while the sun did make an appearance & stuck around the rest of our afternoon. Johnnie played in the water splashing around, kicking the water, looking for shells & he even found a live clam that we had to throw back in the ocean.4. Jimmy was still a little under the weather so he stayed up on the beach with Auntie Kayci & Jen enjoying some sun & just watching his surroundings.5. Joey was a little more brave running around near the water but he mostly just stayed close to Auntie Kim.6. I did manage to put the camera down & play for a little while, mostly trying to keep Joey from falling face first in to the sand. 7. Johnnie happily searching for shells while being carried around. 8. After Johnnie tired of the water (1.5 hours later) he spent some time digging in the sand & throwing water everywhere with his bucket.9. Then Joey got his daddy time before we packed up for the day to head home for a family dinner. Hope your weekend was just as fun & a lot more healthy.10. And Jimmy is back to his normal, healthy & happy 28 week old self.

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Megan said...

I miss being able to go to Redondo Beach. It looks like you had fun after all the sickness. I hope everyone is on the mend.