Beware...Lots of photos

Johnnie is one month away from turning 3 & Joey is now 20 months old. These 2 spend a lot of time together...watching movies, coloringwrestling, reading making daddy totem poles & just enjoying being so close in age.
But they also spend time doing things on their own. Joey has been perfecting his technique for walking down the stairs instead of sliding down on his bottom & he's getting pretty good at it. We often find him in his bedroom on Johnnie's bed reading books to himself. He learns new words everyday & he is always following Johnnie around wherever he goes. His favorite food is still yogurt. He still has a very short temper & my absolute favorite thing about Jojo is how happy he is. That infectious smile he flashes me can make everything seem okay. Johnnie is our most serious child. He likes to have fun but he is very sensitive & takes a little time to warm up to people. But lately he has been turning in to a little ham (Reminds me of his daddy). When the boys play outside they get really dirty. Probably because they climb in to the firepit & rub charcoal all over their hands but I'm trying to learn to just let boys be boys & then of course we bathe right after. Here are some playful shots of him playing basketball or just simply posing for my camera. I can't slow down how quickly he's growing either so I'm just trying to enjoy every minute I can with him. I love you my baby boy (I know you are no longer a baby but in my heart you will always be.)


Shelly Z. said...

Oh my gosh, Johnnie looks so much older all of a sudden!!! It must be because he's almost 3. Or maybe because he doesn't have his pacifier. Or maybe he got a hair cut? I don't know...he just looks bigger. What a cutie!!!!! I know it will be a while, but I can't wait for my boys to play together like Johnnie & Joey. Someday... :-)

Katie said...

That B&W of Joey looks just like you.

And I agree with Shelly, Johnnie looks so much older all of a sudden.

I'm also looking forward to the girls playing together...someday

Jackie Kelly said...

I can't help smiling as I scroll through all the cute pix of these little guys. What a great look on Johnnie's face -- the last one in the 'basketball' series. My favorite of Joey is the B&W with the huge grin from ear to ear. And I can't believe how fast 'little' Jimmy is growing. All adorable. Wish I could give them all a big hug -- you'll have to to it for me.
Lots of Love from Gramma and Grampa

Jennifer said...

I agree that Johnnie suddenly seems more grown up! All the pictures made me smile--I wish Alex would smile or pose for the camera!

J.J. Killins said...

he looks so grown up in that last pic cathy!