10 on Tuesday

1. On Friday I took the afternoon off to go to lunch, see a movie & golf with Rick & my sister Kim. We originally planned on seeing the Hangover but ended UP seeing the Collector instead because of my misread on movie times. The movie was suspenseful but didn't earn the "Go see this movie" recommendation. On the upside there was something wrong with the speakers so we were each given a free movie ticket so no big loss & we got to see a movie meant for adults.

2. Golf was fun. It was my 1st time back in over a year so it was a little rough. And it was Kim's 1st time ever. We had fun & were just happy to be outside enjoying the sunshine.

3. Sunday afternoon. Enjoying alone time with mommy & daddy while your brothers nap. 4. Sometimes you don't like being put in your swing. So Sunday morning after breakfast daddy put you in your swing & when you started fussing he started singing to you & you loved it.5. And of course your brothers had to join in. 6. Then later I heard Johnnie singing Rock-A-Bye-Baby & when I came around the corner I saw this. And a little while later I caught Joey humming to Jimmy pushing him back & forth. It made me so happy to know you boys just wanted to make your brother happy!7. When the weather warms up around here the Bolander boys like to run around with NO clothes on. That includes playing basketball of course.8. We turned the sprinklers on & let the boys run around the yard. Johnnie loved it right away. Joey had to warm up to the idea. The water was very cold & shocking when it hit your body but he finally got used to it. And he mostly enjoyed just chasing after Johnnie who was screaming "It's not cold. It's fun." 9. Afterwards we went inside & Johnnie put on his new Superman underroos. The bad part was that I think he felt wearing the clothes made him Superman so he would dive off Rick's shoulders & luckily would usually land on the couch. And the BIG news in our house for our big boy. He started potty training yesterday at school. He wore "underwears" as he calls it all day & only had one accident. So good! 10. 23 Weeks Old. I think you spend most of your awake hours eating. This week we have added blueberries, oranges & bananas. And you love holding on to your feet. You are constantly grabbing them & just happily holding on.


J.J. Killins said...

potty training! AWESOME for you guys:)

Sara said...

Oh potty training. Have fun.