Catching Up

It's been a busy week around here so not a lot of blogging going on. I have basically been trying to keep up with the house, catching up on scrapbooking & trying to finish Joey's blanket so there hasn't been a lot of picture taking. The photos I have managed to take have mostly been of Jimmy since he' the only one who is immobile (for now anyway). They are repaving the street in front of our house so Johnnie & Joey have been thoroughly happy walking around the block checking out all the trucks. And they have been moving too quickly for me to capture them in action but I got a few.

All 3 boys playing together. Johnnie still thinking he should be able to play in the exersaucer even if his legs are splayed all over. Jimmy turned 24 weeks old this week. His personality is really starting to shine through even when he's just sitting in his swing. He always looks like he's thinking of something that makes him smile. Oscar loves the swing & as you can see he's a very BIG cat. He also basically loves to be anywhere the baby was. While I was trying to capture his weekly photo I instead captured him spitting up. The photo is a little graphic & looks like I edited the spit up in but I didn't. I'm not really sure how he continues to grow because he is constantly spitting up,but it doesn't seem to bother him. Right after I cleaned him up he went back to pushing this ball around. He is sleeping through the night from 10pm-6:30am in his crib & has even started taking his naps in them. He starts on his back & then rolls to his side & cuddles his lovey. He can sit up with a little support & really enjoys sitting in our laps to be a part of things. And it looks like he is going to love my desk too. I promise to post again next week & will work very hard to capture the older boys in action. Until then... happy Saturday!

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oh yummy spit up...