Ten on Tuesday

1. I am now running 4-6 miles 2-3 days a week & it feels really good.

2. We tried Rainier Cherries from Trader Joe's this weekend. They are delicious but sell out quickly but if you can get some they are well worth it. Yummy!

3. Jimmy loves his grandpa. He is completely amused by everything he does. He mostly enjoys being held & talked to. Makes him smile every time.4. The boys sharing a room is going well. They still wake each other up but at least it's in the morning now. Even if morning time sometimes starts at 5:30am like it did this past weekend. And this weekend they started napping together too. Around 12-2:30 which is a nice break.

5. This is what 3 boys playing inside before dinner time looks like.6. We had a play date with the Vuoso boys on Sunday. It's fun because the boys are 4, almost 3, 2, 18 months & 5 months. As fun as it is, the craziness & noise makes me glad I don't have 5 boys under the age of 5. Now that would be crazy.7. Joey's pout cracks me up. We see it every time we tell him no, but it's especially pouty when you want to help feed him. He says no, turns his head to the side & makes this face. Makes me want to tell him no more often. Haha! 8. One of the favorite activities in the Bolander household is wrestling or I guess I should call it what it is...climbing all over daddy.9. I left the cupboard open in the kitchen & walked away only to come back & find Johnnie & Joey's mouths full of marshmallows. Neither of them really like sweets so it was funny to me that they liked them so much. They just kept asking fore more.

10. Jimmy is now 22 weeks old & finally loves the exersaucer. Doesn't get overly excited playing by himself but he is content in it for almost an entire hour if you're sitting in the same room with him which is great for us. And doesn't he look so happy?


Megan said...

Good job on getting to run. I wish I could get outside more than I do. And that mess you have with three boys is the same for my two girls and 1 boy. It must just be three kids! It looks like a tornado some days. Oh, and please do not send Johnnie here to potty train. I am very happy that I had the opportunity to train only one boy! It's an understatement to say Jacob's been harder than the girls.

Jackie said...

Finally able to catch up on all your posts Cathy. The photo from Sunday makes your house looks like a daycare center! The boys must really enjoy having the extra playmates. I love the Johnny/Daddy conversation -- such serious business! He really is growing up quickly now. Sweet, sweet pix of Jimmy in the basket and love all the faces. Cute that his brothers wanted the same pose -- Joey, then Johnnie getting stuck. All adorable. This blog is such a great way to be able to catch up with all that's going on with our favorite CA family.

Hugs to all,
Jackie and Joe

J.J. Killins said...

awesome job running! alla was NOT a big sweet eater til like age 2.5 but the big exception was marshmallows!! they were the highlight of her 2nd bday party:)