Conversations with Daddy

Our boy is 2 months away from turning 3 & each day he surprises us more & more with not only the things he can do but the things he says. A few days ago this was a conversation that Johnnie had with Rick after he threw a fit over not wanting to wear the pajamas that were picked out for him. Johnnie grabbed Rick's hand in the kitchen & pulled him over to the dining room table.

"Daddy come with me. Sit down." Okay Johnnie.
"I need to talk to you, okay." Okay Johnnie.
"I'm sorry for yelling." That's okay. Thank you.
" I love you daddy." I love you too.
"Give me a hug, k."

So cute . I love all the ways he's growing but I'm so sad to see him getting older. His favorite activity is now riding his tricycle every evening & then of course having his still favorite yogurt afterwards. We love you baby boy!

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Katie said...

We are sad to have to miss his 3rd Birthday. )-: i love to see how their personalities are forming each year!