Basket Play

It's hard to come up with new ways to photograph your child each month. I take a ton of photos but for the photograph that marks their monthly birthday you want it to be just right & a little more special. For Jimmy turning 5 months old I decided to sit him up but he kept toppling over which made for funny photos but it didn't provide the exact photo I was looking for. So instead I put him inside a basket in our front yard & clicked away. Our baby boy is now sleeping through the night. His last feeding is between 10-10:30pm & he sleeps until 6:30-7am in his crib in the nursery. He loves to laugh out loud especially if we do funny dances & make funny noises for him. He enjoys sitting up to play & is LOVING eating food. He has eaten sweet potatoes, pears & broccoli with no favorite yet. His lovey is a bunny blanket & he hugs it to fall asleep at night. He always wakes up turned sideways in the crib. He must just kick his legs to move because he's still not rolling over in either direction. To date he has only rolled from his belly to his back once & honestly just doesn't seem interested in trying to roll more. He doesn't use a pacifier but he is always putting things in his mouth. Today it was the blanket that lined your basket. So then I had to lean you back & put your feet up to get you to stop doing that. Well that wasn't going to work because now you were just interested in playing with your toes. Then you moved on to your favorite chew toy. Your fingers. These are always in your mouth & often cause you to do a little more than spit up. I'm hoping you grow out of this. Oh boy... fingers out. Blanket back in. I fed you & then we went back to work. You had fun sticking your tongue out at me. You don't often make this face but today I capture you giving me your serious face & finally you smiled for me once daddy came outside & entertained you.This face told me that picture taking was over. After you went inside Johnnie wanted to get undressed & squeeze himself in to the basket for a photo. And I do mean squeeze. When we were done his bottom was stuck inside when we picked him up. I think it looks like he's praying to get out.So of course I had to have one of Joey too. Jimmy you continue to add so much to our lives & it's so sweet to watch the bond between you & your brothers grow. I can't slow down time & bottle up each moment so I'm trying to memorize & record as many moments as I can. This month when I weighed you, you were 16 lbs 15 oz before a feeding & 17 lbs 4 oz after. So you obviously are eating enough. Thank you for always being able to make me smile & feel better no matter what mood I'm in. We all love you more everyday!


J.J. Killins said...

those are sweet! i remember PERFECTLY each kid's 5 month photo shoot. HOW on earth is yours that old already!?!?!?

Katie said...

Happy 5 months! I love the ages of 5-9 mos!

Just so sweet and wonderful!