New Sleeping Arrangements

So we've decided it's time. To transition Jimmy out of our room into the nursery. He has been sleeping through the night consistently for a few weeks now but we haven't moved him yet because of one little problem. Joey wasn't looking for a bedmate. He is still in the nursery. We always knew that we wanted Johnnie & Joey to share a room so we could keep a nursery & still have a guest room. I have just been afraid to mess with what's been working. Jimmy is content in the pack n play in our room. Joey sleeps 11-12 hours in his crib in the nursery & Johnnie is very happy sleeping in his bed with an empty crib across from him. Well tonight my little guys things are going to change. We put Joey to bed just like normal after books & songs. Usually he chews on his lovey for a few minutes & falls asleep but tonight it took him 40 minutes of playing with the new stuff in his new crib before he gave up & went to sleep. I read Johnnie his books in the rocking chair in his nursery. We haven't done that since Joey was born & took over the nursery. Then I put him in bed & whispered goodnight to him. He went to bed like normal. Jimmy was put to bed after his last feeding in what will be his bed for the next few years & went right to sleep. All seemed well when we went to bed.

Well now its 3:07am. I'm sitting downstairs on the couch watching the video monitor giggling to myself . Joey usually wakes up in the middle of the night, rolls around & moans himself back to sleep. But now he realizes that he has someone to talk to. He & Johnnie are chatting & playing. Johnnie is throwing stuff in the crib & Joey then tosses it out. And each time poor Joe lays down to try & go back to sleep Johnnie reaches in & grabs his lovey. I don't want to go in if they go back to sleep on their own. Well it's now 3:39am & no such luck. I'm sitting on the couch with Johnnie waiting to put him back to bed after Joey falls asleep. Johnnie opened the door & both boys started asking for wawa & milk & AARGH! they were not going back to bed on their own. Well I decided it was best to let Joey fall asleep 1st with no Johnnie distractions so here I am watching Word World in the middle of the night. And now at 4:14am Johnnie is back in bed & I'm off to try & hopefully sleep until morning.

And since no post is complete without a photo here is a recent photo of each of the boys. Johnnie riding his tricycle. Joey just being goofy while eating. And Jimmy loving his lovey.


Katie said...

Bummer! They will get used to eachother soon! Lorelei has transitioned to her room this wknd too. So far so good!

Sara said...

Hang in there. It will get better.

Shelly Z. said...

Seriously?!?! I'm dying for a full night's sleep right now, so I feel your pain. At least you had some comic relief while up...I'm sure that helped. That, and coffee the next morning :-)

J.J. Killins said...

oh that is hilarious! it will all be a thing of the past soon i tell you. now alla and fisher have no idea what it's like NOT to share a room and i love it that way!