Some More Firsts

for Jimmy. Yesterday afternoon we decided it was time for another 1st for our baby boy. I have been thinking that maybe it was time to introduce something besides breastmilk. We thought about rice cereal but because I can't get myself to try it I decided to go with sweet potatoes. I had to basically shove the spoon in to his mouth & once the food touched his tongue he just made ugly faces & sat with his mouth wide open like he wanted it out of his mouth. Then with each bite after that he made this face. I was beginning to think that he was never going to like it, but we kept pushing the spoon in & then I couldn't keep up. He was yelling for me to go faster & holding on to my finger all the while biting the spoon & sucking the food off of it. Here's to more interesting meals. And then today while hanging out in the backyard I turned my back for a second to find that grandpa had put Jimmy in a swing for the 1st time. I ran back in to get my camera & I'm so glad I did. I captured this face. You so excited! Looking at grandpa pushing you! Just enjoying a warm Sunday afternoon outside.


Shelly Z. said...

Is he really eating solid food already? Gosh, time sure flies. So glad you got the swing pics!

Katie said...

Hopefully Lorelei likes sweet potatoes as much as Jimmy, because she is getting them on her 5 mos birthday. Isn't that a nice present? :-)