Happy 4 Months

Time is going so quickly. How are you already 4 months old? And already wearing this 12 month USC jersey? Talking nonstop, laughing out loud A LOTsucking on your hand or anything else you're holding on to in order to soothe yourselfsitting up for a little bit before tipping over watching your surroundings in awe loving the attention your brothers give you & sleeping 11 hours with 1-2 feedings. You are such a joy & add so much to our home. Your voice can be heard throughout the house & hearing you always brings a smile to my face! You are 15 lbs 14 oz (70%), 25 1/2" long (75%) & my littlest love (but rapidly becoming our biggest boy). I hope you know how much your daddy & I love you!


Jennifer said...

I am continually amazed at how you manage to capture so much of your boys' lives while I struggle to blog once a month. :-)

Katie said...

Such great photos..I can't believe it took me this long to read this post!