Ten on Tuesday

1. We had a jam packed weekend here at the Bolander house. Friday night I went to dinner with some girlfriends with NO kiddos. Poor Rick stayed home to deal with the worst part of the evening. The kids are all getting tired & falling apart & it's sometimes just not fun when you're all alone. And then to top it off Jimmy decided that he doesn't like bottles. He cried for food & then would use his tongue to push the bottle away so now he will be entering bottle bootcamp. Thanks again babe for taking care of the boys so I could enjoy a nice evening out.

2. Then Saturday Rick had school so Auntie Kim & I took the boys to the park wearing their new shirts my sister gave them. She is an ASU SunDevil Alumni. Could you guess?3. Joey loves playing at the park now. He mostly enjoys running away from us & giggling. Or sitting before he slides giggling. Basically giggling.4. Johnnie mostly just plays on all the different slides & tries to climb on EVERYTHING. 5. And of course when it's time to head home for lunch & nap time, Johnnie lets you know he's not happy.6. And speaking of not happy this is what Joey does when you tell him no or take something away from him.7. It was absolutely beautiful all weekend. Warm (actually hot), sunny & just a slight breeze. We spent Saturday & Sunday afternoon outside in the backyard letting the boys run around playing with the water table, the tee ball set, the push toys & the basketball hoop. It was a great way to enjoy the weekend & the boys had a blast.

8. Joey loves playing basketball. He makes shots & then gets so excited. Actually excited doesn't begin to explain the way he feels. After making a shot he reacted like he had just won the NBA championship. I just hope he's tall enough to play basketball one day.9. Johnnie spent the entire time playing with the water. If you remember last spring then you know Johnnie LOVES the water table. He especially likes to throw the water up in the air so that it rains down on him.10. Couldn't post all these photos without showing a photo of Joey with grandpa. He is in love with his grandpa. Runs to him as soon as he walks through the door. Wants to be held by him. Read to by him & just loved by him. Here he is playing the tickle game & loving every minute of it. And the very last photo of the weekend. Jimmy & I spent Sunday afternoon doing tummy time. Can you tell?


Megan said...

Grand-dads are so awesome. I love that the littlest Bolander is using your bum to pose!

Shelly Z. said...

Joey has the cutest faces! Your boys are seriously so adorable...and way to go Auntie for getting them matching shirts! Love the water table series too. All 3 of them are going to have the best time growing up together.

Katie said...

I love the picture of Joey getting so excited after making a basket. And the ones of Johnnie getting "rained on."