What a Big Boy

Jimmy boy (Johnnie's name for him) is now 2 months old.
13 pounds 10.5 ounces (90%). 24 inches long (85%).
Very mellow. Still enjoying sleeping during the day.
Getting up 1-2x a night. But (YAY!) going back to sleep after.
Still sleeping 14-16 hours a day.
Have started waking up happy.
Giving smiles sometimes & cooing more often.
Loves talking to the birdies on your swings.
Stick your bottom lip out in a pout when you are sad.
Many 1sts this month.
Haircut. Sitting in the bumbo. Attending parties.
1/2 day home with auntie Kayci. Evening home alone with daddy.
Meeting new friends. Hanging out & having pictures taken with old ones.
Not cooperating with my camera. Willing to smile at me & coo until I point the camera & then he gets very serious. Except when he's looking at the birdies.It's still very hard for me to believe how much you can love your children. All your children.
I especially love to see all my boys together. I love watching them interact even if Jimmy's participation is just laying there. He's a tough kid which will serve him well in this house. We love you big guy. Now just give me some more smiles & could you please do it while looking at my camera?


Katie said...

That is big! Was his head size a high percentage too? Cute 2 month photos...can't wait for the mail out. :-)

Megan said...

Those boys get more gorgeous every time you post pictures of them together. I hear you on loving your children. The love is just there, no work/no fuss. I love it. It's very full.

Jackie said...

All the new pix of the boys are beautiful -- the header picture is so sweet. Can't wait to get out there and give all those little guys a great big hug! Soon...