Learning to Ride

On Sunday we gave Johnnie his 1st tricycle. Actually he picked it out with a little coaxing from me. At the store I took him over to the bike aisle & asked him if he wanted one. He asked for the pink & purple one, but I coaxed him to get the one that is blue, red & yellow instead. As soon as we got home Johnnie was off on his new bike. We didn't even get to finish taking the tags off. At first he pedaled with one foot while the other one stayed on the sidewalk but riding in the other direction he was able to use both pedals probably because it was slightly sloped downward. Rick was trying to show him how to ride but he also just spent a lot of time keeping him on the sidewalk because Johnnie kept watching his feet as opposed to watching where he was going. Oh well. Mommy & daddy need to learn patience. More mommy than daddy, but that's a post for another day. As Johnnie got the hang of it he had to pedal fast enough to stay away from Joey who was chasing after him. Johnnie was nice enough to give him a try though. And of course daddy was sweet enough to show him how to ride too. And just like his older brother he liked to watch his feet too. And to end our day on the bike Johnnie decided to help Jojo go a little faster with a push & he loved it. I think we will be spending a lot of sunny days outside trying to learn how to patiently ride a bike.


Shelly Z. said...

They are loving it! How cute! Looks like the perfect tricycle...it will get tons of use with all your boys!

Katie said...

I love that he wanted the pink and purple one. Signs that he's a true Mama's boy, right?! :-)

Sara said...

Yeah, Adam wanted the Dora bike. I get it.