Jimmy at 6

The sleep that has eluded me for almost 6 weeks has finally returned. Jimmy is now doing one stretch of 5-6 hours of sleep at night. He is only getting up once a night to eat & has actually started going back to sleep after that feeding sometimes. He smiled for the 1st time yesterday (I haven't been able to catch it on camera yet but I will) right after he received his very 1st haircut done by his daddy & his good friend Monty. Here is the last photo of him taken before his haircut with his big brother & then with his other big brother this morning with his new do. He looks so different. People keep telling me how different all my boys look from each other but I really think he looks a little like Johnnie at the same age. Happy 6 weeks baby boy! And yay my new necklace arrived with ALL my boys' names on it.


Shelly Z. said...

Love the necklace!! And Jimmy's haircut is just precious. He does look so much different now!! So glad you are getting more sleep...must feel amazing :-)

Katie said...

Yeah for sleep! Lorelei has been sleeping until 4am the past couple of nights! I hope it's a trend!

J.J. Killins said...

cathy WHY are you cutting the baby's hair!!?!? and PLEASE post where you got the necklace. i lost my F charm i got for mother's day last year and i just know that if i replace it it will turn up and it's too $$$ for that, so a hand-stamped charm like that would be great!