10 on Tuesday

1. I hope everyone had a great Easter Sunday. My family came over for an early dinner, an egg hunt, an impromptu golf challenge & just an afternoon of fun. Right when we brought the boys out to the backyard to look for eggs Johnnie knew exactly what to do. He found this 1st yellow egg right away. Great hiding place grandpa! Haha! 2. Joey needed us to point them out to him. And even when I did that he just pointed too. We would then pick it up & hand them to him. Once he found the egg that held goldfish, he was done with the search. Too busy eating.3. Grandpa even helped Jimmy participate in the day who basically slept the whole afternoon. And he was so happy outdoors that he even smiled in his sleep.4. Once all the eggs were found Johnnie had fun opening his. Some of the eggs were real, some held goldfish, some held teddy grahams but his favorite had Sesame Street characters in them. 5. So here's how the golf challenge came about. Rick likes to chip golf balls in to the backyard firepit. My sisters & dad started chipping away too. Then it was bragging rights to see who could actually hit the most balls near or in the firepit. My dad won & Kayci & I came in last. Johnnie & Joey participated too. They ran around trying to pick up all the balls & in the process trying to avoid getting hit by the balls. Not really. 6. Grandpa took some time to show Joey how to ride the tricycle. He actually looked forward this time. 7. Here's a close up shot of our dirty boy. He was definitely enjoying the day. So much in fact that he enjoyed playing too much to let me clean up his face. Egg hunts, bike rides, ball collecting. It's a tough job but somebody has to do it. 8. The egg hunt & running around must have worn Johnnie out. He put down his new stuff as he referred to it for a nap & then put his head down for a few seconds rest. Just a few. 9. After Joey had gone to bed, Johnnie had one of his Easter treats. A lollipop. He loved it & was sweet enough to offer licks to us. When we said no he would just stick it in our mouth. 10. Jimmy is 7 weeks old. This is the 1st smile I have captured on camera while awake. I love that this photo also shows his leg rolls. My big boy. My now occasionally smiley boy. BONUS: Weekly installment of Jimmy & Lorelei from last week. I had already posted today but then Katie sent me the photo so I had to include it. She was wide awake & my boy just slept. I told you he just likes to sleep most of the day or EAT. And what better way to sleep than cozied up to his girlfriend.


Megan said...

Ok, that is one healthy boy you have there. I love those rolls. Great Easter pictures!

Katie said...

Looks like you guys had a fun Easter! I'm still amazed that tiny little you had such a big boy!

Tom Miller said...

Well well guys. I finally found my way to your blog. The boys look great, as do both of you. I am working as a PM for Raytheon, managing two AFWA programs here in Omaha. I miss both of you - please pass along my best to the family. Let John know I am managing SWAFS (at least the small Omaha part). Drop me a line!