Guess Who Finally Went

POTTY! I couldn't believe it. This morning I was changing Johnnie's diaper at 8:10am. When I took it off of him he jumped up & said I go potty. Well he does this a lot now. He climbs upstairs by himself, sits on his trainer potty, does nothing & then stands up & flushes the toilet. So today after hearing the toilet flush I went upstairs to put a diaper on him. To my amazement there was actually pee in the potty & Johnnie standing there saying "I peed in the potty." I offered him a treat for doing it as encouragement but he said no thank you & went back downstairs. It may not happen for awhile again but I hope it does. Here is a picture of him a couple months ago when I first tried to introduce him to using the actual toilet.


Megan said...

Yay! He may do it more now that he gets it. Good Job Big Guy! And you look great in the post below. You must be counting the days.

Katie said...

YAY! Maybe you won't have three in diapers for very long! Good job Johnnie!

Shelly Z. said...

Yay Johnnie!!!!! Great job!!