10 on Tuesday

1. My kitty cat Batty is crazy. He was running around like mad upstairs tearing apart a bag. Then I heard him coming downstairs carrying the bag, but then I noticed that he had torn a hole in the bag & was stuck in that hole. 2. Sometimes our evenings stray from our typical schedule. On this particular evening we came home & both boys were so tired that we took them upstairs to get ready for bed right away. Johnnie got a bottle while Joey tried with little success to stay awake.

4. 5. 6. Johnnie loves my computer. He likes to climb up to my desk & act like he's typing. Sometimes he will settle for coloring at my desk but more often than not he wants to type.

7. 8. On Saturday for the first time ever which seems weird now that I write it Johnnie & I went for a walk without a stroller. I don't get to take him for walks everyday so on the weekends we usually go for longer walks & therefore use the stroller. Well nowadays Joey naps for a few hours in the morning so I take the opportunity to spend alone time with Johnnie. We walked to a nearby park to play & spent a lot of time trying to teach Johnnie to walk instead of run. About a block from home I figured out why we use the stroller. He wanted me to carry him home which was not easy in my state, but we had a great time.

9. Yesterday afternoon during our holiday off Rick & Johnnie spent some time relaxing on the couch. Rick was trying hard not to fall asleep but failing.
10. And meet Lorelei Love Laughrey. She was born early yesterday morning & she's just adorable. She is now anxiously waiting to meet one of her future boyfriends in a week.


Megan said...

That's a funny picture of sleepy Rick. Love it. I'm so jealous that you have seen baby Lorelei. She is so sweet. Great 10

Katie said...

Batty is hilarious. His kidney issues sure have not slowed him down at all have they? :-)

I agree with Megan, she is so sweet. :-)

Jennifer said...

What a crazy kitty--I guess her name fits her. :-)

Jennifer said...

or his. oops.