Last Minute Catch Up

In two days I will be checking in to the hospital to have a baby so I decided to post some of the photos from this past week before my life becomes too hectic.
Monday was a holiday so of course the boys got to sleep in. Joey actually slept until 7:30am & when we went in to check on him around 7 this is what he looked like. Such a sound sleeper. The complete opposite of Johnnie & myself. It was raining that morning & there was a pretty rainbow outside our bedroom window. Doesn't it look so nice set against those power lines? Joey was under the weather last weekend & he is now back to his normal happy self. Smiling again & playing with his toys. And Johnnie was his normal self. Not smiling for the camera & playing with stuff that he shouldn't be playing with (daddy's checkbook). Hope you are all having a wonderful Saturday.

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