Words I Want to Remember

I take a ton of pictures so I can hopefully look back one day when my boys are all grown up & remember not only what they looked like but what they were like. And to help remember Johnnie's personality a little more here is a list of some of my favorite things he says. And two photos (of course) that highlight his personality right now.
Crazy & Fun!
Defiant & strong willed!

1. JUICY. This is what Johnnie calls his orange juice/water mixture. A lot of times we will ask him what he wants to eat & he says "Juiceeeeee."

2. YOU TROUBLE. YOU TIME OUT. I don't think he quite gets the concept of adults ONLY punishing him. If we do something that he thinks is wrong, like telling him he can't have something or raising our voices, he points to his punishment corner & tells us we're in trouble. He also tells his aunties too. We keep explaining that only children get time outs, but it hasn't sunk in yet. The cutest thing about this is that he gets all serious & squints when he's telling us to go to time out.

3. COME ON. Johnnie tends to get really excited about things like going downstairs in the morning, playing with his trains & basically most things. When he wants you to participate he will say come on as he pulls you up & tries to get you to follow.

4. HEY GUYS. Whenever more than one person walks in the room together, Johnnie likes to greet them like this. A very new term, but used often especially for my sisters & me.

5. TANK YOU. Johnnie's way of saying thank you. We usually have to remind him to say this but sometimes it comes out all on his own & melts my heart.

6. Blesh You mama. I have been trying to teach Johnnie how to say bless you after a sneeze & within the last month he started saying it on his own but as blesh instead of bless. So cute!

7. I SEE YOU. Johnnie's favorite greeting. Used all the time whenever we walk in to the room. When we go to get him out of his crib in the mornings & after naps he will usually cover his face with his blankie & then pull it down & say I see you. Johnnie had his 1st visit to the ER last night after hitting his head & getting a gash right underneath his eyebrow that almost required stitches. We were able to convince the doctor with my tears that trying to glue the cut closed would be a better option & all is better today. Well to get back to his saying... He was laying on the bed when the doctor came over. He covered his eyes shyly & slowly moved them away & greeted the doctor with I see you. Made all of us smile.

8. NO ________. I always heard that most toddlers love the word NO, but Johnnie takes it to a whole new level. If you ask him if he wants something, it's "no like it." When you make noises or say terms he will often repeat them back with no in front of them. Some favorites are, " No vroom." "No And then." (Auntie Kayci's favorite) "No night night." And so on.

9. AWESOME. He doesn't say this very often, but Rick will sometimes say it & Johnnie will repeat it. It puts a great big smile on Rick's face & therefore mine.

10. Not so much a saying but something he does. Rick refers to it as a Jedi mind trick. Johnnie will whisper or mumble when he wants something & thinks you might say no to it. We will all try to figure out what he's saying & once we say what he wants he replies "Okay." Here is a common conversation. Johnnie saying something in a very low tone. Us- "Johnnie did you want food? (No answer) Did you want toast? (No answer) Did you want chicken? (Johnnie says okay with a big smile.) And off we go to get him chicken because I don't have the heart to tell him no after I basically just offered. Smart little one. You win this time, but we're catching on.


Megan said...

So funny. Jacob's thank you is a "gankuh" right now. It makes me happy when the kids start saying things we've been teaching them.

Katie said...

wallis is all about the jedi mind trick...hopefully kelsea doesn't us it on us someday...

Jennifer said...

Matty's "thank you" is something like "daydoo". It's the thought that counts, right?

J.J. Killins said...

so great that you have all this written down. i look at alla sometimes and remember like it was yesterday that i was 'translating' for other people what she said, and now she sits there having full on conversations with others. it's crazy.