Knotts Berry Farm

Every year Knotts Berry Farm honors Veterans during the month of November by allowing them & a guest in free to the park. This year Rick & I went with Johnnie & brought along Auntie Kim & Kayci as our guests. We met up with Katie & Kelsea for a day of fun.

1. Here we are entering the park. Johnnie is already interested in something else besides photos. Right after entering the park we found Snoopy. Both Kelsea & Johnnie wanted nothing to do with him so he had to settle for a hug from Kim & Kayci. 2. Up first, the Red Baron. The two looked miserable. It was one of many photos where Johnnie looked like we were torturing him by making him ride the rides but when each one ended & it was time to get him off he would either say again or run to a different plane, car or truck & try to climb in.3. Rocky Road Trucking Co. All of them loved this ride. 2 cute kids & 2 adult buffoons.4. Kelsea was so brave. She really wanted to go on the scarier looking rides & kept talking about how she would go on such things like the roller coaster when she gets bigger. This ride went back & forth & really high for a kids' ride. She loved it & even raised her hands when Kim did.5. Johnnie & Kelsea started off pretty shy with each other. Barely any words spoken. But as the day went on they started talking more & more. They also wanted to sit next to each other on rides & even held hands walking from ride to ride.6. Johnnie & Kelsea wanted to keep riding the carousel. They rode a horse (twice), a boar, & an ostrich before we could convince them that we were done with the ride.7. Kelsea & her mama enjoying the Carousel.8. Here are just 2 of the rides the adults (Kim, Kayci & Rick ) got to go on. Supreme Scream & La Revolucion. Thrill rides that looked so fun. I will have to go back next year when I'm not pregnant to try them out myself.9. Katie & I really wanted to go on the Log Ride but they saw our pregnant bellies & said NO. Oh well. Kelsea & Johnnie got to go with my sisters & Rick (not shown because as soon as the ride stopped he had already started to exit before I could take the pic). As you can see only the girls were patient enough to pose for a photo.10. The pregnant mamas couldn't go any rides but they did allow us on this one. The Calico Mine Ride. While going through really dark mines on a train I decided to take some photos of Johnnie & Kelsea having a great time. Well when I got home & downloaded this pic I couldn't stop laughing at the fear on both of their faces. So much for a parents' intuition.And last but not least. We knew it was time to head home when we looked in the stroller & saw this. Johnnie completely relaxed & fast asleep. So we made our way towards the exit with just one last stop for funnel cake for one hungry mama.


Megan said...

What a great post. And is Kelsea actually wearing pants? Katie must be ecstatic!

Katie said...

Yes, I was to answer Megan's comment. (-:

That picture of them on the Mine ride is hilarious! Good job on the layering of the plane ride! (-:

So glad you brought your camera!

J.J. Killins said...

awesome time! wish we could have come along to NOT go on any rides, LOL.