Only One Month to Go

11 Months Old. Tomorrow starts the countdown to our baby turning 1. I have tried & tried to slow down time but I can't so instead I'm going to embrace it & celebrate our baby boy.

Playing high five with daddy
Completely amused by your brother in the car
Following Johnnie all around the house
Scrunching your nose in amusement & annoyance
Sleeping through the night for 11-12 hours
Still very hungry & crying when we don't feed you fast enough
Smiling all the time even though it's hard to catch in photos
Starting to walk- 2-6 steps at a time
Crawling up the stairs

And so much more. Here are some of the photos I took today.

Walking with daddy.
Resting. Tired of photos so you tried crawling away, but for now I'm still faster than you. And then finally your signature face. You are always crawling toward someone with this giant grin on your face. Happy 11 Months my baby boy. We love you!


Katie said...

Such cute photos!

Shelly Z. said...

Oh my gosh! I can't believe he's almost 1. I feel like he was just born!!! But then again, with #3 on the way, it makes sense :-)

Chelly said...

Nice blog--like your setup!
Cute photos!
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