10 on Tuesday

1. My friend Katie recently posted photos of her "other kids". Her pets. I thought it was a good idea so I decided to showcase my kitty cats this week.

2.Shadow. 7 year old female we have had since she was 4 months old. She is a typical kitty. Friendly at times & a complete loner at other times. She loves Rick & tolerates me.
3. Oscar. 4 year old male that we have had since he was 4 weeks old. A really big cat with the heart of a kitten. He loves to be cuddled, he loves to eat & he loves anyone willing to pet him. 4. Batty. Oscar's brother. Our most frustrating kitty. And our most lovable kitty. He is constantly begging for food & doing whatever he can to get it. He wants to be held like a baby with his fronts paws wrapped around your neck & his head on your shoulder. And boy does he LOVE Joey. 5. Johnnie is really starting to enjoy his train table & will even make train noises as he walks in circles around the table moving his trains along the track. 6. The reason our Christmas card photo was not taken this past Sunday. Too much wind. A consequence of all the wind. Tree down. Saturday night there was a crazy amount of wind & we came outside to find this. Our tree fell down in to our neighbor's driveway (luckily his car was in the garage), got tangled up in electric wires & lifted the connection to our house right out of the roof. Luckily we still have power but a lot of work to get rid of this tree. 7. So while we were stuck trying not to get blown away Rick taught Joey how to play high five. After a while he got it. 8. And during Joey's nap, I convinced Johnnie to sit at his table with me for quiet time. He colored while I labeled pictures in a photo album. 9.45 Week Photo. Joey loves sitting on the rocking puppy. He doesn't really rock back & forth yet but just happily moves around giggling. And he took one step Sunday. Only ONE but it was his 1st & many more are soon to come. 10. Had my 24 week OB check up today. Baby J is doing great. Heartbeat between 155-160 beats per minute. Happy Veteran's Day! Thanks for all your service.


J.J. Killins said...

oh gosh cathy i have not put photos in an album since the month before fisher was born. oh god. they are in a STACK.

Shelly Z. said...

That tree!!! And I had no idea you had THREE cats. 3 cats and 3 kids. Nice ring to it :-)

Katie said...

So maybe you need another kitty when you have your 4th...one for each kid?

I knew it was windy last weekend but I didn't realize it was that WINDY!

Good job Joey on your first step!

Megan said...

Wow that is some wind! I haven't scrapped since before Jacob was born. I even stopped ordering the pictures and just have them in a folder to order as I have time to scrap. Yay for the first step!