More Halloween Pics & Playdates

1. Here are some more pics from the Halloween parade at the daycare center. Basically all of the kids march around the center in their outfits going in & out of the rooms to show off their costumes. After 2 rooms Johnnie decided he just wanted to be held. First by grandpa. 2. Then by his mama. 3. And last but not least his aunties. 4. When we got home I put both boys in their costumes & put them in the yard to get some photos. It was Joey's 1st Halloween so Johnnie showed him the ropes. He was helping him with his costume by adjusting the zipper. Oh & he decided the antennae should point downward instead of up. 5. Just a little hug. Okay so it was more of a sweet tackle.6. And I know you can't see their faces, but this was my favorite photo. My two bugs crawling through the grass.7. The Vuoso boys came over for a playdate today. A very eye opening experience for Johnnie. They had just as much energy as he did & they wanted all the toys spread out on the floor so they had lots to choose from. 8. And Adam rearranged things. Flipped the teddy bear chair over & moved all the toy holders to different spots in the living room. He also chased Johnnie the way a big brother would but since Johnnie doesn't have one of those he didn't quite get why he was being chased. It was a really fun afternoon & it tired him out enough so that he slept for almost 3 hours during his nap. 9. After the Vuoso's went home & Johnnie went down for a nap, Joey got to enjoy playing alone in the aftermath of toys all over the living room. 10. Rick FINALLY came home today & we all are so happy to have him back. Johnnie has been running around the house very excited since he came home. A whole new level of hyper. Yay! I made it out to vote. Hope you did too.

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Katie said...

Such cute photos of the two of them. I think you should frame the one of the two boys in their costumes together!

And hallelujah for Rick coming home!