Is it just me

or does my baby boy eat A LOT of food? I feel like the only thing he does all day is play & eat.

6:15a Nurse

7 Cheerios (1/4 cup)

8:30 Pancake
10 Nurse
12p 2 Chicken Tenders (not chicken nuggets but 6" long by 1" wide breaded white breast) & French Fries

1:30 Nurse
3 Yogurt
5 1/4 cup Rice Puffs (on our walk)
6 Banana, pureed sweet potatoes & pureed mango
6:30p Nurse
7p Bedtime The list makes me full just reading it. When he's not eating, he's walking along the furniture, pushing toys around & trying to keep up with Johnnie. Guess this explains why he has to eat so much.


Katie said...

Uh, yah that's a lot of food! Maybe he got his Auntie Kayce's metabolism??

J.J. Killins said...

that's some crazy amount of food, but i believe it cause if fish could eat all that, he would, and i bet it's only a matter of a few months til he's right there with joey. he LOVES to eat, too.

SO glad rick is home now!

Jennifer said...

Wow--great that he's eating so much real food, even if he is eating you out of house and home already! I think it's because he's trying to catch up with his brother. :-)