Halloween Boys

Happy Halloween! Today was a big day for the boys. A Halloween parade for Johnnie & Joey's 1st Halloween on his 10 month birthday. I hope everyone had a wonderfully fun day. Here are a few photos from today.Joey is such a joy. He is such a good baby. Usually very happy as long as he is fed & not being forced to nap. He is very playful & already such a boy. Loves his trucks & mostly just loves playing. He barely ever naps & spends all day playing. He is constantly pulling himself up to a standing position & walking along the furniture. He is finally consistently sleeping 10 1/2-11 1/2 hours a night after weeks of crying it out. Stubborn! And very persistent. Sweet & so in love with his mama. Constantly babbling "baba & mama". And making a lot of noises wit his mouth.I can't believe we only have 2 months before our baby boy turns 1 but let's hope that time goes slowly.

These two Halloween photos sum up Joey's personality. He spent his 1st Halloween as a bumblebee. So calm & serene.
But once he was done, he turned in to a Yellowjacket. Boy was he angry! Check back Tuesday for the rest of today's photos & some weekend fun.

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Shelly Z. said...

LOVE these pics! They both looked so cute in their costumes!