10 on Tuesday

1. Rick has been gone for 1 week now. 1 to go. The boys & I have a pretty good routine going. Johnnie woke up crying out for "dad-dee" 5 nights in a row but is finally sleeping through the night. He has also started referring to everything male in our house as "my daddy". The toy construction worker, his stuffed animals, all the men in books & the toy pig.

2. Speaking of Rick, he called tonight to check in on us. He called at 7pm & it was 10am tomorrow in China. He's having a great time but says his days are jam packed with lectures, company visits, sightseeing places like the Great Wall & just soaking in the culture. I will get Rick to share some pictures after he gets back.

3. Johnnie has started to do some bigger boy things including feeding himself at his little table.

4. Here he is with his yogurt.5. Taking very big bites.6. The boys are really starting to enjoy playing together. Pushing trucks around, chasing each other around, splashing in the tub & wrestling.

7. Joey obviously loves it. He was having so much fun laughing while Johnnie kept tackling him & as tough as he is he is still not as tough as Johnnie. 8. Joey has started walking around the house using his walker. Shouldn't be long now before he tries to walk without assistance. 9. This morning driving to work I heard Yummy noises coming from the backseat. Joey makes these noises with every bite of food so I was wondering why he was making them since he didn't have any food. Then Johnnie started saying, "Mama, Jojo took my baba." (Johnnie still has a bottle of whole milk every morning.) I told him to take it back but every time he tried Joey gave him the "Heisman." One hand holding the bottle & the other arm straight out pushing Johnnie's face away.

10. 43 weeks old. Joe's favorite activity is eating. Eating a lot. He is eating a ton of food these days. This weekend he tried fish & chips for the 1st time. He loved it. This makes me giggle because Johnnie won't touch fish. At least I have 1 good eater. The only problem is that if he's hungry & you don't get him food fast enough he screams until he gets it. His current favorite dinner is cereal & a whole banana.


Megan said...

Sorry if Jacob is the one who taught Joey to do that move. It seems to be what he does best these days and the only thing to keep the girls away from his stuff!

Katie said...

Love the picture of the two boys together, such brotherly love. (-:

I thought three days with out Wallis was tough this week, couldn't imagine two weeks (with two kids). Rick TOTALLY owes ya! (-:

J.J. Killins said...

yep fisher LOVES cereal and banana. loves. i just asked ron, why is rick in china? and he said for school + an extra week sightseeing. and ron thinks you are the rockinest wife EVER because there's no way i'd have let him to let alone stay an extra WEEK. you are one awesome mama. hang in there.