The check-up

The boys had their check-ups today. 9 months for Joey & 2 years for Johnnie.

Both are doing well. Growing. Talking. Babbling. Trying to walk. Running.

Johnnie is 34" tall (25%). Joey is 28" tall (50%).

Johnnie is ONLY 22lb (10%). Joey is 17lb 5oz (10%).

Joey sadly now seems to have a 24 hour stomach virus that kept him home today & is hopefully now on the mend.

Overall the appointment went well especially since it didn't include any shots. No tears equals a good visit.

The weather is cooling down outside so I think we are entering fall. Hope you have a great cool weekend.

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Megan said...

So tall and skinny is what we are looking at? Where would they have gotten those genes-HA!