10 on Tuesday

1. Let me start by saying all the boys & men in my house are sick. I'm trying to stay healthy but I'm surrounded by running noses, coughing, sinus headaches & diarrhea. I hope they all get healthy soon.

2. Lately Johnnie has wanted us to leave the water running the entire bath so he can have the water run over his face & play with it.3. Doesn't he look happy wasting water & increasing our energy bill?4. We have finally started bathing the boys together. I have tried a couple of times but Johnnie likes to kick, splash & be crazy so it has been pretty hard.

5. Daddy was trying to get them to laugh at him but we only got some smiles.6. After 2 pregnancies I need to buy more maternity pants for work because mine are worn out. As much as I like being pregnant, I really dislike spending money on clothes that can only be worn for the next 5 months. I guess on the bright side if there's a baby #4 I will be able to wear those clothes again.

7. Check out Joey's hair after bath time. And can you see his little fang near his hand?8. I am so ready for the HOT summer weather to go away. I'm actually looking forward to wearing winter clothes. And I think sleeping will be more comfortable once it's cooler.

9. Joey is constantly walking along the furniture & ALWAYS looking back at us to make sure we're watching.10. Joey's 40 Week Photo. Wearing his new onesie. I guess he's officially a part of the Red Sox nation now. Go SOX!!


Megan said...

Get rid of the germs before we get there, OK? No, really, I hope everyone gets well soon and you don't actually get sick.

Shelly Z. said...

I love Joey's fang :-) It's so precious. And that last pic of him is great. What a cutie!

Katie said...

Joey looks so tall in the picture he's standing in! And of course there's going to be a 4th, and maybe a 5th, and a 6th...(-:

Jennifer said...

How did I not know that you are Red Sox fans? !!!!! I also love Joey's little fang.