10 on Tuesday in Pictures

1. At Kate & Tyler's 4th birthday party this weekend Johnnie took a bite of a cupcake. Big news for him since he doesn't usually eat sugar. He licked the frosting once & took a bite from the bottom & then moved on to trying a lollipop.2.3.4. He looks like he enjoyed it, which he did for about 20 seconds. Then he took one last lick & passed it on to Joey.5. Poor Joe didn't get to keep it, but he did manage to enjoy his day. And he kept laying his head down on his tray. He does this all the time. Puts his head down sideways & grins at us.6. Kate & Tyler are very sweet & gave Johnnie a bunch of their tracks & trains & of course he had to play with them as soon as we got home.7. Last night it was warm when we got home from work so we fed the boys dinner outside. Then Joey watched as Johnnie pushed his truck around the yard before we took them for a ride around the block in their wagon.8. 41 Week Photo. The wagon ride ended with baths in the sink.9. Joey is constantly pulling himself up using the backs of our legs to be picked up. And he usually cries when we don't. Tonight he was just happy holding on to daddy.10. And he is so easily distracted once he's up. Doesn't he look so cute?

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Shelly Z. said...

I am so jealous of you eating dinner outside! I miss Cali! All the pics were adorable. I especially love Joey laying his head on the tray and smiling at you. So precious!