A Date with Scissors & Bronchitis

1. We decided it was time for Johnnie to have his 1st professional haircut because we got tired of making him cry everyday trying to brush the rat's nest out that his curls would turn in to overnight. We (Rick, me, Joey, Papa, Nana, Grand Nana, Auntie Kim & Kayci) piled in to two cars & headed up to First Cut Salon for Kids at the PV mall. He picked his own rocket to sit in but once the lady came near him with scissors he got upset.2. Then Elmo popped up on the tv screen in front of him & he put his pacifier in his mouth & all was good.3. Let the haircut begin. 4. As his curls fell from his head to the floor he started to transform from a baby to a big boy. So cute, but so sad.5. Johnnie kept stealing her comb thinking this would make the haircut end but no she had a ton of combs to choose from. 6. Almost done. Auntie Kim had to hold his hands once the clippers were turned on.7. Final step. Let's clean up the hair around your ears while daddy holds you. As you can see from the photo the haircut ended in tears because Johnnie was a little scared & didn't want to be held down. Seems a lot of activities end in tears these days. Until your next hair cut.8. And here he is with his new big boy haircut. 9. 19 weeks old. Just like Johnnie on this exact weekly birthday, Joey is really sick. 1st fever, 1st case of goopy eye, & 1st case of bronchitis. He is up all night long moaning in pain & crying out of frustration. The breathing treatments should help & as you can see he doesn't seem bothered by it but instead just a little nervous.10. As expected Johnnie had to get in on the action too. At least he likes to help.BONUS: A sneak peek. Rick's dad, stepmom & her mom came to meet their new grandbaby. We had a wonderful visit despite a whole house of sick people. We were sad to see them go but look forward to our next visit.


Megan said...

Johnnie's cheeks still out a little more now! Looks good. Feel better soon, Mr. Joey!

Katie said...

Looking good Johnnie! He looks more like Rick with the haircut, maybe because it make him look more like a little boy...gulp.

Poor Joey, I hope this treatments help him feel better soon. And you get some rest to Cathy!

J.J. Killins said...

alla got a haircut this week too! is joey feeling better?!?!?!!? poor kid! i HATE kids to be sick, breaks my heart.