16 Months

Now that Johnnie is 16 months old as of yesterday, we ask ourselves how we will be able to discipline him when he is constantly making us laugh. After his morning nap today, Rick went in to get him. Johnnie, with a pacifier in his mouth & 1 in each hand had his arms up in the air & was dancing around the crib. When he saw his daddy he threw the pacifiers all over the room before putting his arms up in the air to be picked up. Seriously, how could you punish a baby when you're too busy laughing at him?He can say 30 words & sign 8 words. He can now point out tons of body parts when you ask him where they are, but his favorite is still the nose. He thoroughly enjoys having books read to him (his favorite is Where is Baby's Mommy?) & can entertain himself in his crib reading books to himself.Last night we had a rare evening out (with our almost 4 week old) attending a wedding of a really good friend of Rick's. Thanks for a great night & congratulations Matt & Alexa!


Katie said...

What a great favorite book!! (-:
Don't worry there will be plenty of times when you won't be laughing, or wait maybe that's just my child-LOL!
Happy 16 mos Johnnie!

J.J. Killins said...

wow how gorgeous do you look! i HOPE i look that great when my child is not even a month old! of course i'm sure i won't have occasion to wear that fancy turquoise dress! or curl my hair!

Aunt Jackie said...

Cathy, those Bolander boys, all three of them, are gorgeous and Johnnie is growing so fast. You look wonderful. Enjoy every minute of Johnie and Joey.They grow much too quickly and all of a sudden they are almost 21 and juniors in college. Keep the info coming.