Bath Time

Bath time in our house has become a time we all cherish. Johnnie likes to sit in the water with ALL of his toys, splashing around, dancing & just enjoying all the attention he gets while in the tub. He is in the phase where he enjoys trying to put things together... stackable cups, blocks & recently he has been trying to put the basketball shaped washcloth inside the faucet protector because the opening is round.
Bath time usually consists of getting all his body parts & hair washed as soon as he enters the tub so that when he decides he's all done at least he's clean. Well when daddy gives the bath, Johnnie gets buckets of water poured over his head & face, sometimes making him smile or giggle & other times causing fits of tears.Now that Joey has lost his umbilical cord scab we can continue the tradition of evening bath with him. We have found that it's a nice way to end the day & a good cue for Johnnie & now Joey to know that bedtime is quickly approaching. I was beginning to think that Joey would be getting sponge baths forever but he FINALLY received a real bath this week. We learned our lesson & this time around we had enough wash cloths ready to cover his whole body so he stayed warm. He only cried a little, but he seemed to enjoy the warm water passing over his body. He also stayed very awake making my picture taking very easy. After his bath & baby massage we wrapped him up & just lay in bed looking at him. He seemed so relaxed & just happy. So relaxed in fact that he peed in the towel on our bed.

Happy 3 Weeks little guy!


J.J. Killins said...

he looks like rick in that last pic! what a cutie...bath time is so fun:) now we're into shower time here...

Shelly Z. said...

That final picture is AMAZING! Great job capturing that. Your babies are so cute!!!