One Month Joey

Joe Mike is what his daddy calls him & Joey is what I call him, but our favorite name for him is what Johnnie calls him, Ba-beee! He had his one month baby well check up today & everything was great. 60th % for height, 50th % for weight & 25th % for head circumference. He lifts his head already & has good muscle tone. Say what you will, but those Bolander boys are strong little guys.
This month has gone by very quickly. Joey has started sleeping better at night, but is still eating all day every 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 hours. He has a really fussy period of nonstop crying every evening but throughout the day we occasionally get a happy "coo" sound out of him. He smirks as he's falling asleep (pictured below) & snorts when he's hungry.During walks, Joey usually sleeps while his brother points things out like birds & cars to him.
He spends about 10 hours a day awake eating, crying, bathing, swinging, doing tummy time, playing on his mat & just melting his mama's heart! Happy 1 Month Joey!


J.J. Killins said...

happy one month little guy! i can't wait to get our gymini out again and have the baby stuff take over our house:)

Megan said...

Happy one month, Joey. He is just so sweet.

Katie said...

Wow, I can't believe it's been a month already, where's my monthly picture? (-: