Baby It's Cold Outside

For months it has been RIDICULOUSLY warm here but then just yesterday it was suddenly cold. Runny noses, sniffles inducing cold.  It was a high of 63 degrees. Anywhere else in the country this would be warm fall weather but for us here in southern California it's the break out the jackets & hats, the hot chocolate & warm coat weather. Well we did just that so the kids could play outside. The runny noses still came as well as the cold fingers & complaints of being cold but they did have fun staying in their warm pjs most of the day & my uggs were being used by all the children. Daddy loves this weather & took advantage of the beautiful sunny day to play golf. I love not being HOT this time of year but I'm pretty sure the kids are already hoping for the warm weather to come back. Especially Joey who still insisted on wearing shorts & a tee shirt.

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