15 Months

Hard to believe & yet it's true. Our baby girl is now 15 months old. 
19lbs 8oz (5%) & 30.5" (18%) long. She is no longer nursing, she loves drinking from cups with or without straws, she is very quickly becoming a daddy's girl & she is happily  communicating with us even if she only knows a few words. Mama, dada, cat, wawa, dat (what's that?) no, uh-oh, muhr (I want) & bampa(grandpa). She knows what we are asking her to do when we talk to her. She loves to help empty the dishwasher & waits for you to say thank you after she hands you EVERY.SINGLE.UTENSIL. She loves to wrestle & get dirty with her brothers in the backyard. She absolutely loves music & dancing. Every time she gets my phone she puts Gangnam Style on & starts dancing. It's really cute. She is such a fun little girl & loves to give us the serious face when she sees my camera but with enough time I always capture her beautiful smile.

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