Labor Day Fun

Labor Day weekend is supposed to signify the end of summer but the weather here is still so warm so we celebrated the weekend with good friends, good food & a super fun water slide.  
It was set up in our backyard at 8:30am & was taken down at 5:30pm. My boys spent the entire day in the backyard running around the yard, playing on the slide & in the water & just having an absolute blast. There were 6 families, 12 adults, 15 kids & one good time. Sliding, lounging, eating & playing were just some of the activities the kids participated in.  
Once everyone was gone I decided I better get some family photos.  
And because no one was there we set the timer on my camera to get one of all of us. Holly was having fun running around so we took one without her & then as the photo shows we forced her to be in a photo. At least we are all together, right?

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