Our One Year Old

Holly's birthday was August 15th. She & I spent the day at home together. We went out to breakfast where she ate a pancake, bacon, eggs & toast. At her exact birth time of 0949 one year after her birth our baby girl was wearing a birthday gift playing in the front yard. This is so her. Happy, almost always smiling, sassy & just darn cute. After her doctor's appt where we found out she weighed 18lbs 4oz (10%) & was 28.5 (25%) we went home to take her official one year photos in her new princess dress & then after naptime we spent some time playing in the backyard in the water. This month she started walking instead of crawling, chattering nonstop but still only saying mama & dada. She discovered a love for the water. The water table, the sprinklers, the beach & the tub. She is one of the happiest babies I have ever seen. Everyone she meets tells us how lovely she is & she makes them as happy as he makes us. Happy Birthday Holly Moon! We love you!

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