Holly Moon is 8 Months Old

Another month. More changes. Baby Holly Moon is now 16.5 pounds & 26.5 inches long. (25% for both). She is still such a happy baby. Constantly smiling & laughing with a wide open mouth.
She moved to the base daycare center this month & even though she misses her old caregivers she happily smiles, laughs & is already making new friends. She so wants to crawl & she can get up to her hands & knees but she just rocks back & forth without really moving forward. Another few weeks & I think she will start to master the movement.
I actually think she would rather walk than crawl but for now she will just have to settle for assisted walks with grandpa.
She is starting to babble a lot. Especially mama & occasionally dada. Her two bottom middle teeth broke through. If you look really close you can see them. And because of all the teething she always has her finger in her mouth. And even with the pain she manages to smile through it. When it was time for her official 8 month photo shoot she was more interested in playing with the grass but luckily I was able to capture a few that I love.

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