Ten on Tuesday

1. Holly is now doing tummy time a few times a day & she can pick up her head & turn it from side to side but she still only makes it a few minutes before she gets ANGRY.2. While doing tummy time Johnnie often lays down next to her to try & convince her to pick up her head. Such a helpful big brother. 3. Since Holly's arrival I can't pick up the kids (for at least 6 weeks) & so Jimmy has become much more of a daddy's boy. At first I was sad but seeing moments like this remind me that I'm okay with having daddy's boys.4. While Holly is falling asleep she often smiles which in turn makes us smile.5. Joey remains a daddy's boy & this is his favorite way to watch tv. With almost no clothes on & laying on his daddy.6. My goofy boy. Always taking the time to have fun even when trying to climb a tree.7. Mama & her girl. Miss Holly doesn't look very happy in this photo. Probably because she is in the sun outside when moments before she was happily asleep in her swing.8. Jimmy is trying to give up his nap but as you can see he is definitely not ready for that.9.Holly Moon is 3 weeks old. She hopefully is ONLY going through a growth spurt because she has been eating every 2 hours & as much as I want her to grow I would like to get some sleep too. Here she is enjoying Labor Day in the backyard. A rare photo with her eyes wide open. 10. Wanted to share 2 photos that show what a difference 4 weeks can make. Pregnant with Holly (photo by Sara) & the photo we used to announce the birth of Holly. She was 1 week old.

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