One Week Away

As of today I am one week away from giving birth to my 4th baby & we have been super busy getting ready but I have managed to take a few photos to share. We can rarely keep clothes on our boys anyway but when it's warm out we don't even bother trying. And during warm days they like to sit in the sun with sippy cups & a treat (Cheetos on this particular day) & they aren't too interested in cooperating with my camera. And tonight 2 of my boys wanted to be superheroes while one wanted to be his cute little self. Hopefully over the next 6 days I can manage to get some more photos to document our last few days as a family of 5.

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Shelly Z. said...

So excited for you, Cathy!!! You will be in my prayers!!

Love the pic of your boys on the striped chair in their undies. So darn cute!