One Last Night

It is 11pm right now & all of you are soundly asleep in your beds. When you wake up tomorrow morning your daddy & I will not be here but instead your Auntie Kim will be here to take care of you. I will be in the hospital waiting to have your baby sister. It was our last day as a family of 5. Our last day with only 3 boys in the home. And the last time I would be going to bed thinking about what a new baby will be like in our home.

Johnnie you are 4 years old (almost 5 as you like to point out) & this will be the 3rd time you are becoming a big brother. You are such a sensitive, caring, strong willed, loving little boy & I am so very excited to watch you help with your baby sister. You have been telling me for months how you will help take care of her & you have even been trying to pick out pink toys for her since all girls only like pink. Today you asked me how she would get out of my belly. I told you that the doctor takes her from my belly. And that was enough for you. You then decided that as soon as the doctor sees her arms she would grab hold & pull her out. Thankfully it's a little nicer than that. You also told me that you hope she likes like you since your brothers don't. Me too sweetie! Joey. What can I say about my 3 1/2 year old boy? You are quite possibly the most stubborn child I have ever met but one of the sweetest. The first time you became a big brother you were only 13 months old but now you know that there is going to be another baby. I wouldn't exactly say you're excited but you have been very loving to my belly. And I can't wait to see you with your baby sister. I love you Joe! Jimmy. My baby boy! You have been our little baby for 2 1/2 years now & tomorrow you will learn what it's like to be a big brother. On one hand I'm so sad that you won't be the baby in the house anymore but on the other hand I think you will be such a great big brother. So loving. So funny & just so excited to see the baby. Don't worry little one it won't be long now before you get to start being a big brother. I love you all so much. I look forward to watching you discover the differences between little boys & girls & I also look forward to discovering that myself. I have so enjoyed my house of boys. The energy, the sheer volume you create, the rough housing, the craziness & most of all just learning what it's like being the mama of all boys. I'm hoping you will welcome your baby sister with open arms & sure she will fit right in. I will never let you forget what it was like having your own home of just boys but I'm very excited to see the softer side (hopefully) of you boys with the addition of a little girl to our home.

Sleep tight my angels. We love you!

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Jackie Kelly said...

What a wonderful journal for your boys to read one day when they're older. So heartfelt. And soon you'll be six! Love to all...