A few weeks back I shared a sneak peek of our family shoot. I have now received all the photos & just loved them all so much that I wanted to share some more of them. Some of the photos now pepper the blog but some of the others are in this post. Johnnie was so great. He actually enjoyed his time in front of the camera. And happily showed off some of his skills.Joey was his normal, ornery yet playful self. And of course his happiest moments were spent in daddy's arms. Jimmy absolutely loved the camera. He not only gave the camera some smiles but he gave some intense gazes & daddy got some squeezes too. I'm really happy that Erin was able to capture this photo of me & my hubby & our baby at 12 weeks. And last but not least was this family photo of all of us laughing. I just love how much all the boys are enjoying themselves.


lizzyashby davidaaron said...

Your family is so beautiful Kathy. And I cannot believe you are pregnant again!! Yay for babies. So excited to hear the progress on the new one and to see those handsome boys grow.

Jackie Kelly said...

Everyone looks healthy and happy! Some beautiful shots in the new batch. Can't wait to see all of you this week!

Shelly Z. said...

Amazing photos of EVERYONE!!! How did your photographer do that?!?! Seriously, your entire family looks great, and I love your banner photo!!