Eggs to Dye For

1. It was a 1st for our boys. Dying Easter eggs. 2. Johnnie was really excited & really didn't want daddy's help but he accepted it. 3. I think daddy was just as excited as the boys were. Joey was eagerly watching the eggs being dipped in the color washes.4. They were very anxious to reach in & pull the eggs out so to distract them I tried to take photos.5. And then Joey wanted to count the containers...1,2,3,8. Okay so he's not perfect yet, but at least he's saying numbers.6. And once the colored eggs were being taken out to dry, Joey continued to try & count them all the while being watched by Johnnie who wanted to make sure the eggs he wanted were not touched.7. See Joey was reaching toward the eggs & Johnnie quickly removed them. What a stinker!8. We did all this egg dyeing during Jimmy's nap so once he woke up the boys happily showed him the eggs.9. But Jimmy was a little confused & just assumed he should pick up the egg & eat it. One bite of shell & he threw the egg down.10. Some of our finished products. Not so pretty but a really fun time. These were not the eggs that were hidden in the backyard but the boys would be very disappointed once they realized these were eating eggs as opposed to the ones filled with candy & toys. I think we will peel them & let daddy eat them. Cant' wait until next year!

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Megan said...

I think those eggs are fantastic. I love the picture of the littlest Bolander trying to eat it. So cute!