Easter 10

1. Easter morning started bright & early at 6am. A friend gave me the idea to lead the boys on a scavenger hunt to find their Easter baskets. We decided to only give 3 clues (written by Rick) & thankfully it turned out to be successful leading them in to Rick's studio office. Joey & Jimmy just followed Johnnie all around the house wondering why he was so excited & moving so quickly so early in the day. And they were so excited to find their superhero/sports pails filled with paints, clothes & candy & all their books. 2. After breakfast it was time for the Easter egg hunt in the backyard. Johnnie was immediately off & running but slowed down to help daddy show Joey what he was looking for.3. We tried to show Jimmy the eggs but he actually just kicked the plastic egg & moved on to playing with the golf clubs.4. Johnnie on the other hand took egg hunting very seriously. There were eggs filled with candy, eggs filled with cars, car shaped eggs & Spiderman shaped eggs. Being superhero obsessed he ran as fast as he could all around the yard looking for those Spiderman eggs & once he figured out that all the eggs were gone he sat down to assess his goods. And our little guy actually ate some candy. Chocolate Eggs, Starbursts & Hershey Kisses. And as a side note I don't think he will be doing this again anytime soon because he had a bellyache the rest of the day.5. Daddy was there to help Jimmy enjoy his morning. He has grown to love this red coupe. Constantly climbing in to it & waiting for someone to push him around in it. And he's all smiles even when he's just sitting in it not moving.6. Joey only cared about the egg hunt because he knew there was chocolate to be had. He would find an egg, open it, shove the Hershey kiss in his mouth & then he was off & running looking for that next treat.7. Most of the photos I took that day of Jojo were of him greedily shoving chocolate in to his mouth. He DIDN'T get a bellyache but instead melted down most of the day because he kept being told that he in fact could not have anymore candy.8. Just like last year grandpa was intent on having Jimmy be involved in the egg hunt. So he brought Jimmy over to some eggs & tried to convince him to pick them up but he was still not interested. But he did like picking up the oranges off the ground & trying to eat those, peel & all. 9. The older Johnnie gets the harder it is to get a genuine photo of him. But I was so happy when I downloaded my photos off the camera & this one popped up on my screen. I can't wait to blow this up & frame it for my desk at work so I can see my oldest baby boy with his happy mama all the time.10. And this last photo is the only one of our family with us all looking forward. So from our family to yours Happy Easter!


Megan said...

I love the family photo. I can't believe how much Johnnie looks like you. I guess I just never really saw it until that picture of the two of you. Looks like a very fun day!

Sara said...

What a great round of pictures. Love the one of you and Johnnie and was laughing out loud at Joey's chocolate obsession. What a fun eater.

Katie said...

I love the one of them at the door..I can feel their anticipation of what's behind it!

Glad the "hunt" was a success! :-)

And a beautiful photo of you and Johnnie!

J.J. Killins said...

what a great fam photo!