The Faces of Jimmy

Our baby boy turned 13 months old today. He is such a fireball of a kid. He lets you know when he's happy & when he's not. The only words he can say are still mama & dada, but he babbles other sounds nonstop. He signs "All Done" & "More". He is such a joy. Smiling, giggling, playing with his brothers (inside & outside the house), enjoying trying & usually liking most foods & LOVING bath time. Splashing in the water, playing with all the bottles of shampoo/soap & just loving the warm water. Seeing his face warms my heart! The way those sometimes blue/sometimes green & sometimes gray (is that hazel?) but always mama adoring eyes look at me makes me feel proud like I did something right! I will miss your baby days but look forward to watching you grow in to a wonderful toddler. Happy monthly birthday Jimmy. We adore you too!


Megan said...

He's such a cutie!

J.J. Killins said...

that last one - he looks a LOT like johnnie!