42 months is just another name

for 3 1/2 years old. But If I continue to refer to Johnnie's age in months it seems as though he is younger than he truly is. My ever growing boy is still surprising us daily with all that he knows & of course all that he is happy to share with us. For instance this evening he was holding wooden spoons while I was cooking holding different spoons. He says to me "You have those spoons & I have these." Maybe all 3 years olds have these grammar skills but I was surprised nonetheless. He is so sweet with his little brothers. Always asking if they are okay & forever trying to hold their hands even when they don't want him to. After all the photos I have taken of him over the years I usually get "No mama, no more pictures." But tonight while he & the other boys were playing with the pots & pans in the kitchen he asked me to take a picture of him so I happily went to get my camera & when I came back this is what I found. My boy sitting inside a pot grinning up at me. He's a truly beautiful child inside & out. He is caring, happy, sweet, playful & totally adoring of superheroes (especially Batman & Spiderman). He is very talkative. Constantly telling us stories about things going on in his everyday life or to tell us some of his imaginative made up stories. We love hearing his ever improving language skills but WOW! nobody warned us that he could speak nonstop & often does. It sure does make life entertaining though. And so does this photo. It just makes me happy because he was having so much fun. And he was really enjoying his mini photo shoot. And here is his official 3 1/2 year old, excuse me 42 month photo! I love you baby boy & thank you for giving me the chance to capture that real smile that melts my heart!


Megan said...

He looks so cute in that little pot.

Jackie Kelly said...

LOL! What a great picture that first one is! He looks so much like you in that one, Cathy, with the winning smile. He's a cutie in all the pix though. Give our Johnnie a big hug from Gramma and Grampa!