The Season is Changing

The start of fall is one of my favorite parts of the year. The weather cools down. Football is in full swing. The holiday season starts approaching. And sadly the countdown to Joey aging a year starts. This time of year just seems to go so much faster with Halloween, Thanksgiving, & Christmas right around the corner. And to our dismay it seems that something else is approaching faster than we expected. The terrible twos. Joey delights in instigating little fights with Johnnie. Poking him while driving in the car (We plan to change the car seats around & put Jimmy in the middle for our sanity). Knocking down the blocks Johnnie has just finished building in to a building or tower. Taking his blanket & pacifier from him. Taking any toy or object in Johnnie's hand. And basically just being a little stinker. Looking at this face I would never think he would be like this but don't be fooled, he is. But when he's not being a little stinnkerbug he is playful & still loves all ball sports Loves to run around getting sweaty & D-I-R-T-Y & constantly trying to talk to us in a language we struggle to understand that intermixes words like OWL & ste-chee (string cheese). But eventhough he is a little bit hard to handle at times we can't get over how much he makes us laugh & it really is hard to get upset when he pouts those lips & looks up at you with those big brown eyes. We love you little guy. Happy 21 months.


Megan said...

Oh sibling rivalry. I just love it! He is a cutie though.

Sara said...

Love curls he is getting.