Ten on Tuesday

1. If you didn't notice my new blog header, check it out. This is how it came about. Jimmy was laying on the carpet & Johnnie came over to give him a hug. Then Joey wanted to get in on the action & jumped on in. It's my new favorite photo of my 3 boys together.2. Joey is constantly chasing Johnnie around the house, Doing whatever he's doing & Wanting whatever he has. And Jimmy is slowly becoming part of the cycle. Here they all are wanting the same spot on the couch.3. Joey turned 16 months old on April 30th. He is such a little character. Answers "yeah yeah" when you ask him if he's hungry. Drops everything to go upstairs & take a bath. Cries if you don't let him try & feed himself, but often times this turns in to him playing with utensils.4. Johnnie has always loved books. Reading them. Looking at the books. Being read to. And now Joey has been infected with the reading bug as well. He will grab books & come sit on your lap waiting for you to read to him. And he will even sit on his own with a pile of books flipping through the pages. 5. My mother in law arrives at our home on Thursday. She will be here to celebrate Mother's Day, Rick's graduation & she will be meeting her newest grandson for the 1st time.

6. Now that we have taken Johnnie to Disneyland he keeps asking when we can go again. Lucky for him we bought an annual pass & we plan to go with gramma.

7. Nothing special about this photo. Just thought it was very cute. I have been sitting Jimmy up in the corner of the couch & after a little while he tips over sometimes landing face down in the cushions if I don't move fast enough. Bad mama. Hehe!8. After one week of sleeping in his big boy bed I think it's safe to say Johnnie is officially out of his crib for bedtime anyway. He still likes to nap in his crib which is fine by me since he still takes 2-3 hour naps. The only downside is that when he wakes up in the morning, he's up. This is 6:15am which isn't that early but he used to stay in his crib until 7am. Oh well. Gotta look on the bright side, right?

9. Sunday night Rick & I went out to dinner to celebrate my birthday & our 5 year anniversary. It seems like such a small amount of years considering we have been together for 11 now. Thanks Kayci for watching all 3 boys & thanks babe for such a nice evening.10. Jimmy is now 10 weeks old. Smiling all the time now & talking a lot.


Shelly Z. said...

Love the pic of you and Rick. It's easy to forget to take husband & wife pics with all the kiddos around...but super important! Congrats on 5 (er, 11) years!!

Katie said...

Happy Anniversary! Love the picture of the three boys! That's one you'll have to blow up and put in the house...somewhere...:-)