Happy Birthday To Me

1. I saved my Ten on Tuesday post for today to tell you 10 things about me. Today is my 35th birthday. I have always dreaded this birthday because with each passing day I will be moving closer to 40 & away from 30. YIKES! I honestly don't know why this age frightens me, but it does.

2. I am married to my very best friend. We have been celebrating my birthday together since I turned 24.

3. I am the mama of 3 beautiful boys. They make my life feel complete & I still can't believe they are mine.

4. I am best friends with both of my sisters & feel lucky that I have the chance to live near them as an adult so we can share our adult lives & laugh about our childhood.

5. My dad & I grow closer everyday. I have always considered myself daddy's little girl but as I grow older I feel like I'm still his little girl but also his friend.

6. I am in daily contact (via email) with my childhood girlfriends. Some of us have been friends since we were 11 & it's amazing that our friendships have continued to grow through moves, marriages, children, higher education & life.

7. I am lucky enough to have met new girlfriends over the last few years that I feel like I have known for much longer & I look forward to growing closer to them & watching our children play together for many years to come.

8. I love working out, scrapbooking, taking photos, blogging, making lists, painting my nails, watching tv, laughing & wrestling with my boys & cleaning.

9. I still have a good 15 pounds of baby weight to lose but have decided that it's not worth the stress of thinking about it.

10. This is how my birthday day was spent. Johnnie came in our room at 6:45am & crawled in our bed. I love that but it still takes some getting used to that we don't have to go get him out of the crib. Then after breakfast we headed out to Disneyland with our 3 children & my 2 sisters. We finally got our 1st photo as a family of 5 & then went on some rides before meeting up with the Laughrey girls & Grandma Love who was celebrating her birthday today. Lorelei was there too but just hiding inside her sling. And of course we had to get a photo of Jimmy & Lorelei on their 1st Disneyland trip together. I had no idea that everyone was born today. Rick & I noticed that we couldn't walk 100 feet without seeing a birthday button. After some rides & lunch with them we headed off on our own. Then we ran in to Larisa & Bella but didn't get to spend time with them because my boys had missed naptime & were now starting to fall apart. Because my sisters were nice enough to spend the day with us Rick & I were able to go on Thunder Mountain on our own. Then on our way out we ran in to another friend who was also celebrating a birthday. A Mickey Mouse doll & tee shirt later we were headed home. After blowing out my 35 candle (actually Johnnie blew it out) my sisters I then went out for sushi after all the boys had gone to bed. It was a really great day & a very special way to spend my birthday. I just finished listening to all my birthday voicemails & reading emails & feel very blessed to have such wonderful people in my life. Thanks for all your well wishes friends & family!


J.J. Killins said...

happy birthday my friend! i hit the post office today! yay! love you and so glad your day was lovely:)

Megan said...

That sounds like the perfect way to spend #35. Happy Birthday!

Katie said...

Oh what a day! How fun that you got to go out with your sisters. Love the photo of the 5 of you and of course the one of our littlest babes.

And I'm with ya on #9. I'm done getting on the scale.

Jennifer said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday! Happy belated 35th.

Shelly Z. said...

Happy Birthday Cathy!! It sounds like you had a wonderful day. I love the family photo! And I'm so jealous you had sushi...yummmm...I need some of that :-)